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From the maths focused mind of a man with AWESOME sideburns...

Mindless and hopefully literate rambling to follow...

Jono "Maths Nerd" Maranik
31 May 1985
Well, hello all to have found their way to this blurb. In truth, the only reason I have created this account upon LiveJounral is to ensure that I do not lose 25% of my course marks. So, in essence I will mainly be posting or uploading data relevant to my course requirements.

That being said, I believe that I should at least say something about myself.

My name is Jonathan but I prefer to be called Jono, I am currently in the process of attempting a Bachelor of Teaching/ Bachelor of Arts (Secondary Mathematics). Through the four years of this degree, I will train to become a high school Maths teacher with a minor in English.

Yes, I enjoy Maths and embrace my nerdiness completely. I thought it was only fitting that I should somewhere have these core elements of myself displayed somewhere. Yes, Halley, I have used the nick name you gave me.
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